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I would just like to let you know that I have now rec’d my order in  Australia and I would like to pass on to you how impressed I was with your packaging and the  items.I will highly recommend your store along with ease of order and variety as I di today to my work colleagues.

Again many thanks.You will be hearing from again in the future.


Shelly, Australia

You guys are amazingly wonderful.  I talked with shipping and they think it would come by Wednesday.  But I still think it is a real miracle that I discovered your product.  I watched the videos and what an improvement this process is from the normal struggle with fondant on a large cake.  I can’t wait to try it.  Thank you guys so very much for being so responsive.  You have won over a really devoted customer. 

And thanks for the sticking tips.

My best

Mary, Illinois USA

I am constantly referring people on the forum to videos on your site. (The ones referred most often are "Cake Construction" and "How to cover a cake with fondant using The Mat". ) New bakers have SO many questions and your videos hit the cake nail right on the head!

I began cake decorating at the age of 56 with the first of the Wilton classes at my local Michaels store. Like many others, it has turned into a passion. I have spent hundreds of hours online learning and videos like those from Sweetwise, Inc. are a blessing.

Thank you!!!!!

(p.s. I bought The Mat, but haven't used it yet--I'm looking forward to my next fondant cake!)

Chris, California USA

I have been doing cakes for 25 years and have always steered away from
fondant, but I just had a bride insist on it and as I was searching youtube

I came across your video about the mat. I knew it would work because this
is how I always made my pie crusts so I ordered the mat immediately.
Needless to say it was a complete success. The cake was flawless! I am
sending an attachment to share. Plus I used about 1/2 of the fondant that
Wilton said was needed which saved me $$$ and made to overall texture of the
cake more pleasant to eat!

You made my first fondant experience a GREAT one!

Dawn, Michigan USA

Thanks, you guys are awesome! I have watched all your videos and plan to order some more items soon. I appreciate your customer service....a rare thing these days.

Best Regards!!!

Nancy, USA


I got your mat and I am in love with it. I also watched your YouTube video on making swags and drapes from fondant ( I am just starting to work with fondant). Today I made my first ever fondant drape on a wedding cake using your tips and technique ( the frosting was buttercream )....If I could hug you I would!! It worked out perfectly. It worked and looked just like you said it would. Want to send you a picture, but I guess you can only post videos in emails on YouTube...Anyways Thank you Thank you!!!

When you get your online classes up and running, I am so in!!


Sugartowncakes, USA

This was my first order from your company that I had shipped to my mother's home for use in Florida so I wouldn't have to carry these supplies (for a special affair cake) in Florida.

The order was very promptly delivered, was correct, nice packaged; but most importantly the quality and taste of the ingredients ordered were phenomenal!  Never mind your exceptional prices [the fondant I ordered cost me $8.95, compared to $14.95 in _________ (a local "crafts" store that carries a small selection of specialty confectioner's supplies at exorbitant prices ].

I have your website added to my favorites and will look to order from your company whenever I need specialty cake or any confectioner supplies.


I would also appreciate it if you would email me any coupons, newsletters or any other mailings you provide when available

Deborah-Anne, NY USA

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your awesome customer service! I ordered The Mat and the USPS has bent the tube to oblivion! I called the phone number that was listed inside and the nicest person picked up the phone and helped send a new one to me ASAP! I have the new Mat and it is WONDERFUL! I will absolutely be ordering from you again and again!

Thanks again!!

Lyndsay, USA

 B.J. & Tonya, Russellville, KY

I would really like to thank you, John (and members of your staff whom I have not yet learned the names of) for all you did in helping us make this cake for our friend's wedding.  They raved about it and even we were impressed as to how it turned out.  We were confident in our ability to make a delicious cake but we had no idea how to make it look pretty.  We owe a great deal of that success to all of you!

Let me tell you some of the highlights of our experience with you.  From our first visit to your store when John went far out of his way, minutes before close, to help give us confidence we could make our own roses.  Even going so far as to open up product and demonstrate what could be done.  We were impressed by the extremely helpful YouTube videos, the email advice you gave and even the kind encouragement of your staff during our multiple visits and multiple phone calls!  How helpful it was when we built our vision out of dummy cakes in the back of your store to see if we even had a good idea.  All of it helped us put out something we were so proud of.  We could NOT have done it without your help.  It truly was the epitome of customer service.  

In my day job I consult with car dealerships on how to be better at doing what you all excelled at and you can bet my experience with your business will come up over and over in my conversations.

In my gratitude I will not only be as frequent a customer as I can but would truly enjoy telling the story to all those who will listen.  You've proven to me what kind of people you are and what kind of business you're running.  What impresses me the most is you could have taken the approach of up selling your classes and not give me any help outside of them.  A business in a similar situation would have taken that approach.  However, you have shown you truly value a customer and you have earned my loyalty.  I feel incredible value from every dollar I spend at your store.

We wish you much success and thank you for taking care of us so well!

B.J. & Tonya, Russellville, KY

Just got hold of "The mat", probably the best money I have ever spent- love it!!!!

Julie, New Zealand

I know you don't need me to tell you HOW GREAT "THE MAT" is!!! I just used it and I Love It probably as much as everyone else does!!! I had been thinking that someone should invent a way to help with the application of fondant. Didn't realize that your product was already out there. So glad I found it and YOUR Video is also perfect and correct! I had to try and see if I could hold up the mat with the fondant on it too!! It makes me think...."Why didn't I think of that"!! lol I started to shy away from covering my cakes with fondant but now "The Mat" has given me the confidence I needed! Love the way and how easily it worked! So happy :) Thanks again and Happy Valentine's Day!

Diane, NJ USA

I have had experience with Sweet Wise through their store and through on-line shopping. Every interaction is always exactly as described or better. If you get the chance to take some of their classes, I highly recommend it!


Best. Mat. Ever. When I ordered the Mat, I was told to expect delivery on Friday. Imagine my surprise when it arrived on Wednesday! This product is a miracle!!! It has made me rethink my aversion to fondant, because it has eliminated all of the problems that made working with it so difficult. If you work with fondant, buy this mat. You will love it, guaranteed!

Christina, Michigan USA

Excellent seller, have bought from many times before and have had no problems. Buy with confidence.

Annette, Kentucky USA

I ordered "the mat" a few months ago but never used it. I really don't like the taste of fondant so I've always talked people out of the fondant covered cakes. Plus I am good with butter cream and can get it to look as good as fondant(but it takes a while to do that). A couple of weeks ago I helped a friend with a wedding cake and she was using your "Elite" fondant icing, I liked the taste of it better than the Wilton brand that I have used in the past. So this past weekend I had a customer that just had to have a fondant covered cake. I ordered your Elite fondant and your Satin Ice fondant and thought I might as well try out my mat. The Mat may just be the best tool I have purchased in the last 20 years! It was very easy to use and very fast. Rolling out the fondant was so easy after watching your video. My mat is the old one without the lines printed on it so I'm going to cut it up for to use on small projects and order a new one with the lines printed on it for the bigger cakes. Thanks for a great store, web site and training videos! I'll be delivering a cake to Nashville next month, so I'll be sure and stop in and load up while I'm in town. God Bless

Roy, Indiana, USA

Good Morning,

I just had to write to tell you about my experience with The Mat. I used it for the first time yesterday and it was a large 14" round cake. I have to tell you, it was absolutely wonderful. I followed the instructions in your video and it really works exactly as advertised. I make many fondant cakes and I love making the flowers and decorating them, but I always dreaded covering the cake with the fondant. But not anymore. I think your product is fantastic and I wish I knew about it a long time ago. It would have definitely saved me a lot of grief. So congratulations on a wonderful product AND extra kudos for having it made in the USA. I am so pleased.

Thanks much and have a great holiday!

Bonnie R, New Jersey USA

Hey! I came across your Mat video on youtube and it was amazing. I just want to let you know no one can be like you! You're just fabulous. I love your work so much. I wish you were in Perth, Australia.

Madeena, Australia

Cathy, had to tell you how much I love my Home Mat. Just completed a 22 cake order using Satin Ice fondant and The Mat. Could not have done what I did without this great product. Was able to knead, roll and cover a 6" 2 layer cake in less than 5 minutes..a new record for me. I have all 3 sizes of The Mat and use them constantly. Thanks for a great product..and super video

Ginny, USA

Dear SweetWise

I just made my first wedding cake, I work out of my house and I recently purchased the mat from you guys because the demonstration on YouTube was great! I thought....I have to try this thing. I think covering the cake with fondant is always the hardest thing when making a cake. It's hard to keep your table sanitary (and I have a dog... With lots of hair) and its hard to roll it out evenly and quickly without it drying out and getting 10x sugar everywhere. Let me tell you, the mat is amazing! It saved me time and was so easy to use with professional results! I followed your demonstration and it worked exactly like you said! It was some of the best money I ever spent and I just want to thank you for making my cake decorating a lot easier! I absolutely love it! :)

- Janelle

Janelle, USA

I am very much pleased with your products, helpful and interesting videos, etc. and customer service. I made a mistake yesterday of not putting the 20% Off code when I checked out. I then immediately sent an email to inform Sweetwise about my mistake. When I got up this morning, I found an email from Sweetwise telling me that the 20% will be refunded in a few days. I really do appreciate the help and more power to your company!!! God bless!


Cherr, USA

I have to say, I LOVE my mat. Don't know how I would live without it. Almost more useful is the video showing usage. Kathy makes everything she does look so easy. I have just tried the Swiss Buttercream. Fantastic. I would love to know where you can get the point and shoot thermometer with no probe. I may be going on my Christmas list!



Lesley, Canada

Thank you so much!! You have the BEST Customer service and that's why I order from you. Thank you!!

Laura, USA

I have ordered from you in the past. I have The Mat, which is really the best thing since cakes were invented! I just want to say how much I love your company and all the great products. Your videos are the best.

Now, with your lower prices and continuous new products,I love you even more! I'm not really in love with the computer, but your site is so easy to navigate that I'll always purchase from you.

Thanks so much!

Paula, USA



I recently placed an order with Sweet Wise. Unfortunately, because of the ice storm in Texas a week and a half ago, my order sat on the UPS truck and there was nothing they were able to do because they were backlogged.


I was in a full on panic because I was making the cake for my son and daughter in law's baby shower. It was this past Sunday. With nothing left to do, I called and spoke to Sanja and inquired about the option of reordering the entire order and using overnight shipping. I would also need to return the first package whenever it finally arrives.


I just wanted you to know what a wonderful staff you have!!


Not only did Sanja work with me, she assured me that the package would be here. She went out of her way to ensure my needs were met. I am the Quality Director at my hospital and I deal in customer service daily, whether I am teaching it to others or using it with patients.


I know good customer service when I see it!! Your team is awesome at it! Not only did she help me, but Dane sent me an email to assure me that he had packaged my order and delivered it for shipping himself. He didn't have to do that but he did and it was reassuring. Finally, Sanja emailed me on Saturday after checking my order number and she wanted to verify its arrival. To me that says she was genuinely concerned with my needs! That is simply above and beyond what I could have expected!!


I have ordered with you before and I will only use Sweet Wise. I am a customer for life! I am attaching a photo of my final creation. I am a novice cake decorator I LOVE Kathy videos. They are so helpful.


Have a great day and thanks so much!!

Misty, USA

I bought The Mat for my very first try with fondant and it was amazing.


The fondant was perfect on the 8-inch round cake, no bubbles, no ruffles, no ridges. The Mat is a must for anyone working with fondant, amateur or professional. Why complicate matters when there's such a simple, fool-proof tool! I am a self-taught lifelong hobbyist but I strive for professional-level results and I am glad I bought The Mat for my first time working with fondant.



Maria, USA

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I ordered (and received) the Home Mat. I have been decorating cakes for just under a year, as a hobby, for family and friends. I have used The Mat 3 times and have to say this is the best decorating tool that I have purchased. I really enjoy working with fondant and The Mat has taken all the guess work out of how much fondant to use and eliminated having to constantly measure the size that I've rolled out. I love The Mat and am so happy I ordered it. Greatest invention ever! Thank you so much.

Kind regards,


Shawn, Canada

Thank you!!!



THE MAT for helping me to cover his wedding anniversary cakes.

Base dummy dia is 16" with 8" height.

2nd dummy dia is 12" with 8" height

3rd dummy dia is 8" with 4" height.

Total height is 25".



Covered smoothly with no difficulties, thank you THE MAT.



Regards, Annalia

Annalia, Indonesia


Just a quick note to thank you  very much for sending the sewing kit mould to me  so quickly.I thought it would take weeks and weeks, not days to reach me.

It is much appreciated and is truly fab!
Cannot wait to use it and thrill our customers too........
Warm wishes

Susie, England

I think y'all did AWESOME!!i I was worried about not being able to speak to a real person and having to place my order on line .. But not with you .. I received my full Order with days and will be ordering again from you .. Please keep up your fine quality of service..

Barbara, USA

Thank you for sending The Mat! Great tool and excited to use it after struggling with a large piece of fondant a couple of weeks ago. Shopping was easy and it arrived quickly despite the weather.

Julie, USA

Love everything about Sweet Wise. Fast processing, good products. Placed order and 2 days later order was at my door. Love the vinyl gloves for working with fondant. Love the tutorials. What more can you ask for.

Happy Customer, USA

I'd like to thank you for the excellent service when I ordered my Home Mat. The ease of ordering, the prompt shipment, the good pricing will defiantly make me order from you again. I had the opportunity to use the mat once so far and I loved it! Thanks so much!

Happy Customer, USA

Thank you so much I really love the mat. I used it the first day I received it. It works great, just as the video showed.

Janet, USA

I had the Home Mat in my cart but took it out. I thought it over again and, although hesitant, put it back in. I recently tried it out and now know with certainty this will be my "go-to" forever mat. I did not have to worry about the fondant sticking to the rolling pin, the dimensions became even more clear as I rolled, and, just as described, I was able to release the fondant from the mat and handle it with one hand. Being able to position the fondant where needed was a novice's dream. I absolutely LOVE this product.

Verdell, USA

I am soooo happy with the way my order was handled and your sales person went above and beyond to help me get my order on time! Everything was perfect!!! THANK YOU!!!

Edna, USA

Thank you so much for your excellent service and quick attention to my order. Again you have shown why I keep coming back to order from you. Marian

Marian, USA

omg...I love love love this product!!! It is FANTASTIC and I appreciate you for developing it. I used your mat for my very first fondant wedding cake. oh my goodness, I can't even tell you what a major stress it relieved! I was so scared I wasn't going to do a good job. well, let me tell cake was beautiful, and I give your mat a lot of the credit! I will recommend this product to all my baking friends! thank you again for your awesome product! Angela

Angela, USA

As always the service and products are wonderful!! I tried to order when there was a 20% off sale and when I tried to check out the discount wouldn't go through. I emailed and got a response and I think it was taken care of. I've never had a problem ... other than being out of a product a couple of times, but that's expected. I just can't express my appreciation for Kathy and this store and the employees there. I have to be honest and say...I don't think I'd be doing cakes if it wasn't for Sweet Wise!! Thanks for everything, Sue

Sue, USA

Anytime I've ordered from Sweetwise it's always been a positive experience. I have been using Magic Line pans for over 35 years but unfortunately the cake decorating stores in my area have stopped selling them. It's especially hard to fine the odd size pans. I was thrilled that Sweetwise had 7" round in stock and the price and shipping was lower than other online competitors! They arrived quickly and in great shape. Thank you Sweetwise!

Erin, USA