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Zucchini Bread

Kathy shows how to make delicious and very healthy Zucchini Bread.

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Review by Guest
Posted on 3/22/2014
How do I know how much glycerin to put in my cakes?

Sweet Wise Response - Take a look at the first review at the bottom of this page -
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/10/2013
I can't find the link to Kathys Pro Baking Tips ?

How do I find it ?


Sweet Wise response: On our video page, search for Lecithin or you can search for Glycerin. Each have tips in there for baking.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/7/2013
tried the link below to request a video. So my question is which pre made fondant is better, to stop a wedding cake from sweating. Or is there anything one can use either in the fondant or wrap a covering over fondant to stop a wedding cake from sweating. Marg

Sweet Wise response: We're assuming you mean sweating as in the moisture beading that comes from fondant after removing it from the fridge. FondX works great for that. Any change of temperature with a change in humidity (from extra humid fridge to less humid tabletop) will create condensation. The trick with the FondX is DON'T be tempted to "dab" at it. Leave it alone, it will suck the moisture back in.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/7/2013
What kind of icing do you like for zuccini bread cupcakes?

Sweet Wise response: Cream Cheese, hands down!