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JEM Scroll and Pansy Cutters

This video shows how to use JEM Scroll and Pansy Cutters

Products in this video

JEM Roller Pad
Scriber Needle
Gum Paste 2 Lb. , Satin Ice
CAI Tylose Powder
Perfect Height Rolling Pin

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Review by Guest
Posted on 6/6/2013
Hi, Where did you find the bottle you have you'r glue in? Also do you accept paypal?

Sweet Wise Response - Sweet Wise sells the glass bottle. If you search 1 Oz Clear Glass Bottle in our store you can add to cart there. Yes, we do accept PayPal and prefer PayPal because of the confidence it provides to the customer :)
Review by Guest
Posted on 6/3/2013
Where can I find the recipe for the gum paste you mentioned by Carrie Biggers?

Sweet Wise Response - You can find her recipe on site under the Bulletin Board/Recipes section.
Review by Guest
Posted on 6/1/2013
is there a less expensive way to ship small. light weight items

Sweet Wise Response - We were shipping USPS First Class but we suspended that service because we were not able to receive delivery confirmations from USPS tracking and customers were claiming non delivery.

We do have EXTREMELY LOW UPS shipping as we pass on our volume savings to our customers.