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Cover a Cake With Fondant, Using THE MAT by Sweet Wise

How to cover a cake with fondant the easy way. Make a Fondant Cake fast and Easy.

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Basic Silpin Black
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Review by Guest
Posted on 12/7/2012
Looks awesome. I need one A.S.A.P.!
Review by Guest
Posted on 12/6/2012
I have the Pro Mat and am having trouble using it. I'm using Satin Ice fondant trying to cover a dummy and it is breaking right at the end. I watched the video again and I'm pulling the mat taunt like you suggested. It goes on perfect at first until I get to the side closest to me, then it tears. Help!

Sweet Wise Response - This section is for product reviews. Questions like this are more quickly answered by emailing [email protected] About your fondant tearing... remember... don't pull THE MAT away from the fondant, let the weight of the fondant pull itself from THE MAT. Most likely you're pulling too fast. Also, your fondant might be thinner in spots. After you've rolled out your fondant, hold up THE MAT to a light with both top and bottom sheets still encasing your fondant. Any thin spots will be obvious in the light.
Review by Guest
Posted on 12/6/2012
Hello, what is the best fondant to use?

Sweet Wise Response - All fondants work great with THE MAT. At Sweet Wise, we like Satin Ice and Fondx fondants.
Review by Guest
Posted on 12/6/2012
I took a cake decorating class 3 years ago and the clear mat is what they told us to use. Seeing your video I like the idea of covering the top too. This is the easiest way to make your fondant looks like a pro. Thanks for the great idea.

Sweet Wise Response - And remember... THE MAT is THE ONLY Food Safe material like this available. :)
Review by Guest
Posted on 12/6/2012
Review by Guest
Posted on 12/3/2012
bought my mat a few weeks ago. When I used it the first time it was great. I washed and dried it carefully, rolled it with the paper sheets between and stored it in the tube. Just used it again and the fondant was sticking to the top mat can you tell me why?

Sweet Wise Response - You either used the wrong side or your fondant recipie was different. All fondants work great with THE MAT. Some fondant recipes require a little tweaking by kneading in a little extra confectioners sugar.
Review by Guest
Posted on 11/22/2012
Do you make delivers out of US? Im in Mexico.

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, we ship worldwide every day. You can get an instant shipping quote at the start of the checkout process.
Review by Guest
Posted on 11/19/2012
Fantastic product. After watching your great video I used this for the first time with brilliant success. Thanks so much.
Review by Guest
Posted on 10/19/2012
I have been checking everyday but with no luck When will the HOME MAT be available?

Sweet Wise Response - We expect to have this back in stock around the middle of Novemeber. Thanks for your patience. It has been difficult keeping up with volume due to the popularity of this product.
Review by Guest
Posted on 10/9/2012
I purchased this mat because I was having such an awful time with the larger cakes. This is the best best thing ever!!!