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Cover a Cake With Fondant, Using THE MAT by Sweet Wise

How to cover a cake with fondant the easy way. Make a Fondant Cake fast and Easy.

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Review by Guest
Posted on 5/27/2013
Hi, is there a video that shows how to cover a square cake in Fondant??? I always have trouble with the corners... the fondant always seems to fold...... thank you...

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, search our video site for "square cake"
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/10/2013
I have some wrinkles in the mat from storage. What is the easiest way to get those out. I know you said they would relax out, but is there a faster way.

Sweet Wise Response - You can speed the process w/ a hair dryer.
Review by Guest
Posted on 4/20/2013
I'd like to use an imprint rolling pin after I roll out my fondant using The Mat. Can I use the roller to imprint the fondant and then replace the top sheet of the Mat to invert my fondant and then apply it to the cake Design side up?

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, but it is a little tricky. Here is a tip that will help... Roll out the fondant an extra 3 inches or so so you'll have a place to hold the fondant against THE MAT without ruining your pattern.
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/23/2013
I didn't see you before, thank God, that I find you., you are teaching a lot. thank you so much
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/16/2013
How do you cover small numbers with fondant?

Sweet Wise Response - A little more info please...
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/15/2013
hi just wanted to know if these mats can be taken out of the roll in which they are packed and folded and stored in siutcase to transport it to another country

Sweet Wise Response - You should NEVER fold THE MAT - you will ruin it. The fold creases will show up in your fondant. While slight wrinkles in the material from improper storage will "relax" out, sharp creases from folding are permanent.

If you're traveling on a plane, just carry THE MAT onboard in the cabin.
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/15/2013
we tried to use the mat last nite. no matter what, the fondant stuck to the mat, ripping and falling apart...any tips? I make homemade fondant, how can I tell if my fondant is too soft for the Mat?

Sweet Wise Response - Just increase your dry ingredients until the fondant no longer sticks to THE MAT. Keep track of how you much you change your recipe so you'll know next time. Also, test a small piece of your fondant (about the size of your hand) until you have the right consistency. Once you have the right consistency with you particular fondant, you'll have no trouble and your fondant work will be a breeze. :)
Review by Guest
Posted on 2/15/2013
I was wondering can you use any kind of rolling pin to roll fondant.

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, you can use any rolling pin but it is best if you use a pin that doesn't stick to fondant like the Silpin. If you're using any of THE MAT products, it doesn't matter what pin you use because the rolling pin doesn't touch the fondant.
Review by Guest
Posted on 2/9/2013
Last night I tried my Pro Mat for the first time and failed fondant (Fondarific) kept sticking to the bottom mat and wouldn't release for anything. I washed, dried, tried and washed, dried, and tried again. Any tips??

If you email customer service, we have a great solution for this that is easy to fix. Just email [email protected]
Review by Guest
Posted on 12/8/2012
soooo which one should i order if im working from home

Sweet Wise Response - Depends on the size of cakes you'll be making. THE Home MAT covers up to a 12" cake. If you're planning on doing larger tiers, you'll need THE Pro MAT