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Swiss Meringue Buttercream - Super Easy

Kathy walks you through her homemade swiss meringue buttercream.

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Review by Guest
Posted on 8/26/2014
You guys are amazing....I'm watching you all the time ...from here in Itay xxxx
Review by Guest
Posted on 7/10/2014
Can you add fondant decorations on a cake that has been iced with Swiss Meringue BC or Whipped Icing?

Sweet Wise Response - Sure you can.
Review by Guest
Posted on 4/9/2014
What number on the mixer do you consider medium high

Sweet Wise Response: Something around a 6 or 7 (out of 10) will work. All mixers, even within the same brand family, will act differently, but on my Kitchen Aid, I stay around a 6 or 7.
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/13/2014
I like the video, but approximately how long does it take for the eggs and sugaar to become white or 160 degrees? Also how long should the mixer be on med high? thank you

Sweet Wise Response - I've never timed it, but I'm going to guess around 5 minutes or so. Keep the mixer on medium high until the temp drops back down- I like it around 90-95 degrees so it won't melt the butter, it just kind of "fluffs" it in. If it seems flat after you add the butter, just let it keep whipping. It will fluff back up.
Review by Guest
Posted on 1/14/2014
hi can you use this as a filling instead of butter cream? thanks

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, it is wonderful as a filling.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/7/2013
Can you use a quilted impression mat on smb?

You will need to make sure your buttercream is nice and cold.
Review by Guest
Posted on 8/7/2013
How long can I leave a cake out with this Swiss buttercream?

Sweet Wise Response - One day should be fine. Two days would be pushing it. Just to clarify... If you're leaving out for a day it should be at a normal room temperature of around 70-72F
Review by Guest
Posted on 7/4/2013
Do you I could use the ultra pasteurized egg whites in a carton for this recipe?

Sweet Wise Response - I've used the carton eggs before, and just didn't get a great result. The carton eggs aren't that much (if any) cheaper than real eggs, plus you get to use leftover yolks for a great custard or pastry cream filling, or add them to your eggs for a richer quiche, etc. I'd go with the real thing on this.

Review by Guest
Posted on 5/22/2013
your videos were daughter and I really enjoy it.your instructions very easy to follow and you took your time explaining.Thank you

Sweet Wise Response - Thanks for the great feedback. We'll keep on making more videos for you to enjoy.