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Sweet Wise Elegant Sugar Pearls

Kathy shows how you can use Sweet Wise Elegant Sugar Pearls.

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Cotton Candy Sparkle Dust
Writing Gel Clear
Tweezers, Angled

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Review by Guest
Posted on 2/24/2015
After I've iced the cake with SMBC and refrigerated it can I use items to imprint on the frosting? Such as the quilted look.

Sweet Wise Response: Yes you can, as long as the icing is still cold. As it softens to room temp, it will get tackier and some of the icing may pull away with the embosser. If that happens, just pop it back in the fridge for a bit.
Review by Guest
Posted on 8/4/2013
Hi, Do you carry any other colors other than lime and cotton candy?

Sweet Wise Response - We have tons of colors. Are you talking about colored Elegant Sugar Pearls? You can color them using any of the powdered food colors, petal dusts or luster dusts like Kathy shows in the video.
Review by Guest
Posted on 7/25/2013
Thank you for the great demos they really help an new baker.