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Making Fruit Tartlettes

Kathy shows how to make beautiful and tasty Fruit Tartlettes.

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Review by Guest
Posted on 5/24/2014
Do you leave the tartlet in the tin when serving or do you remove them from their tins prior to serving?

Sweet Wise Response - You should remove them from the tin before serving.
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/24/2014
How do you keep the tartlets from becoming mushy after adding the cream. Anytime I have made them, the crust becomes soggy after an hour or so.

Sweet Wise Response - It could be a subtle combination of the amount of moisture in your previous dough recipe or pastry cream recipe. This one seems to be fine up to a day ahead of time. If you need more time, you could do something sneaky like lightly brush the tartlet with a clear piping gel or chocolate before putting the cream in. That will create a barrier and help keep the dough from getting soggy.