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How to Get Vibrant Icing Colors Using Dust

Kathy is showing how to get vibrant icing colors using dust.

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Premium Buttercream 31#
Lecithin 4 oz by Sweet Wise
Crystal Color Charcoal Black
Crystal Color Poinsettia
Crystal Color Coral
Americolor Super Red
Magenta Petal Dust
Americolor Electric Pink
Keys Mold

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Review by Guest
Posted on 11/4/2014
You rock These are great video's
Review by Guest
Posted on 8/21/2014
what exactly does the lecithin do? ( to create vibrancy?)

Sweet Wise Response - According to Wikipedia.... In the paint industry, Lecithin forms protective coatings for surfaces with painting and printing ink, has antioxidant properties, is a colour-intensifying agent, catalyst, conditioning aid modifier, and dispersing aid; it is a good stabilizing and suspending agent, emulsifier, and wetting agent, helps in maintaining uniform mixture of several pigments, helps in grinding of metal oxide pigments, is a spreading and mixing aid, prevents hard settling of pigments, eliminates foam in water-based paints, and helps in fast dispersion of latex-based paints.

In the food industry with coloring agents, we have noticed the same benefits mentioned above.

Review by Guest
Posted on 6/23/2014
how do you color chocolate?

Sweet Wise Response - Check out our Lecithin video. Using Lecithin, you can convert any water based coloring product into an oil based product suitable for coloring chocolate.
Review by Guest
Posted on 4/5/2014
Hi Kathy, Can you tell me when you'll think you going to get the crystal colors in?

We're dropping the Crystal Color line and replacing it with a new line that will be of equal or better quality at 1/2 the price. Stay Tuned! ETA May/June 2014
Review by Guest
Posted on 1/3/2014
I'm trying to make a doll cake w/a fuchsia dress w/whipped icing. Would this method still work well for that?

Yes, it should work very well. Some purple colors fade to blue quickly so don't make too far in advance or place in direct sunlight.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/29/2013
Does this method work well with SMBC?

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, the crystal color line works especially well in SMBC. For a Hot Pink, the Ck Magenta Petal Dust + Ameiricolor Electric Pink + Lecithin work really well.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/29/2013

Sweet Wise Response - Petal dust has a flat chalk like look like the dust from a flower petal. Lustre dust has a metallic sheen. Petal dust works well for coloring fondant and buttercream as well as giving gumpaste flowers a lifelike look. Lustre dust should be used topically only to give a metallic or pearlized finish.