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How to Paint with Luster Dust

Kathy shows you a few simple tips for painting with luster dust.

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Review by Guest
Posted on 6/11/2013
what is crystal color used for?

Sweet Wise Response - Crystal Colors are great for painting excellent for coloring buttercream and fondant.
Review by Guest
Posted on 6/1/2013
Hi! what kind of alcohol did you use here? Is it available here?

Sweet Wise Response - Vodka or Everclear work great. Everclear is an inexpensive grain alcohol.
Review by Guest
Posted on 4/12/2013
Disco dust is edible?

Sweet Wise Response - No Disco Dust is not edible. It should be used on parts not to be consumed. If a little is ingested though it is not a 911 emergency. The Disco Dusts are non-toxic. Kind of like eating Elmer's Glue.