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How to make a gumpaste Anemone Flower with Kaysie Lackey

How to make a gumpaste Anemone Flower with Kaysie Lackey using cel board, rose imprint mat and teardrop cutters.

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Cel Cakes Celboard - Grooved
Fondx 2# - Purple
CMC Powder
5 Pcs Modeling Tool Set
28 Gauge White Wire
African Violet Petal Dust
Dusting Brush Set 2 - Pc

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Review by Guest
Posted on 3/25/2015
Hi, I'm trying to these anemone flowers. However I'm having a hard time with the petal staying on the wire while taping it all together. Any helpful hits would be great.
Thanks Julie

Sweet Wise Response: Try brushing the wire with a little gum glue first. There is a video on that as well if you enter that in the search bar on the video page.
Review by Guest
Posted on 2/4/2015
How do you make the centers for the anemones? Thanks Jan

Sweet Wise response: Really it's just a flat black disk of gum paste with short black stamens stuck in them. To wire it, bend the end (like a shepherd's hook) of a flower wire, dip in gum glue or water and place into the underside of the black disk. It's easiest to wire the disk first, then after drying, add the stamens later.