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Gum Paste Power Flowers

Fun and easy way how to do Gum Paste Power Flowers

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PME 5 Petal Cutter Set Large
Gumpaste  2# - Black, Choco Pan
Gumpaste  2# - Green, Choco Pan
Teardrop Cutter Set
Piping Gel
4 oz Non-Pareils, Black

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Review by Guest
Posted on 8/4/2014
Could you do the flower with fondant and tylose powder?

Sweet Wise Response - Sure you can. Fondant and Tylose together make Gumpaste.
Review by Guest
Posted on 8/4/2014
if you use isomalt to attach a fondant flower can you put the flower in refrigerater?

Sweet Wise Response - Isomalt does well in humidity compared to sugar or sugar based products. The cooler temperature in a refrigerator will not affect is holding capacity.