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Kathy shares her secrets about using Glycerin to increase shelf life in baked goods like cupcakes and cakes by using Glycerin to help keep your baked goods moist and fresh.

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Review by Guest
Posted on 10/15/2014
Does the glycerin help with crystallization in caramels? Thank you!

Sweet Wise Response: I think what you are looking for there is Glucose.
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/10/2014
Do you suggest using glycerin or lecithin in cake recipe? Sounds like they both serve the same purpose.

Sweet Wise Response - As a humectant, the glycerin will help to keep your cake nice and moist.
Review by Guest
Posted on 11/2/2013
Hi, How much glycerin would you add to a homemade cake recipe?

Sweet Wise Response - Take a look at the bottom of this page, just under the reviews. It shows all the suggested uses for glycerin.
Review by Guest
Posted on 10/31/2013
As I stayed in hot and humid climate, is it still fine to add glycerin to fondant since glycerin absorbs moisture from the air? I'm afraid that the fondant will be wet. If no, what else can I add to prevent elephant skin?

Sweet Wise Response - We're in TN and it can be quite humid here. You should be fine to use it. The best way to prevent elephant skin is to use THE MAT when rolling out fondant.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/24/2013
Is glycerin peanut nut free.

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, the Sweet Wise brand of Glycerin is a nut free product prepared in a nut free processing facility.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/9/2013
What is the ratio to add to royal icing?

Sweet Wise response: For Royal Icing: Add 6 drops of Glycerin to every Royal Icing recipe that starts with 2 pounds of Powdered sugar to keep from hardening.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/5/2013
I love you, I learn so much from you, Thanks
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/5/2013
Thank you so much for this video on Glycerin! I have been curious about it, but haven't found much helpful info about it. Now, all questions answered and I'll be purchasing a jar next time I come in to the store! Thanks, Tiffany
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/5/2013
Where can you get the pearl spray?

Sweet Wise response: You can buy them from us (, but ONLY with ground shipping because of the pressurized can.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/4/2013
Will I still need to wrap and refrigerate my baked cakes when done ahead of time with glycerin included?

Sweet Wise: It's always smart to take every step you can to help preserve the life of the cake. The Glycerin just helps add a little extra time.