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Easy Peasy Cupcakes by

Kathy shows how to make some really easy cupcakes

Products in this video

Couplers 2pc
Tip 2D
Color Cup Celebrate Pink
Ombre Green ColorCup
Tip 352
Star Plunger Cutter Set of 3
Blossom Plunger Cutters Set3
Black Candy Beads 3.5oz, 8MM
Buttercream Icing 15 OZ - Pink

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Review by Guest
Posted on 5/18/2014
Great video. Super cute and east! Cannot wait to give these techniques a try.

Review by Guest
Posted on 3/22/2014
Is it just the coupler being used for the green? Does it have a slit like the wilton ones?

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, just the coupler. It is smooth inside and DOES NOT have a slit or seam. The inside is nice and smooth.
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/22/2013
Hi Kathy the cupcake boxes look great. Have you plans to have a UK distributor?

Sweet Wise Response - We were thinking someone already manufactures these in the UK. Are you not able to purchase these in the UK?
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/20/2013
Hi, how do you do to have a nice cupcake paper clean b/c every time I do cupcakes the design gets mess up during the cooking process or even get oily. Thanks

Sweet Wise Response - You have to use a quality cup. Try using the Color Cup line by Wilton. They are foil lined and hold the pattern perfectly.
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/18/2013
Great.. thanks
Review by Guest
Posted on 4/18/2013
Another amazing video!!!!
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/23/2013
Can you givr me the tip number for the swirl on the top?

Sweet Wise Response - Kathy just used a coupler with out a tip.
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/21/2013
Love it !! Thanks for sharing !!
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/6/2013
The video has no picture - voice only..... I am using windows 8

Sweet Wise Response - please check to see if your flash player is current
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/3/2013
the easy peasy cupcake video is not working.

Sweet Wise Response - You probably need to update your flash player. It seems to be working fine on our end.