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Coloring Fondant

How to color fondant, coloring fondant, getting dark colors in fondant, dark colored fondant, deep fondant colors, vibrant colors in fondant, bright colored fondant.

Products in this video

Writing Gel Black
Americolor Super Red
Tylose Powder
Crystal Color Poinsettia
Crystal Color Charcoal Black
Elite Candy Apple Red Fondant
Chefmaster Candy Color - Red
Satin Ice Fondant Red 5lb

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Review by Guest
Posted on 9/23/2013
Kathy, keep the tips coming! I have learned so much from your video's!!
Review by Guest
Posted on 8/19/2013
Hi, I just retired and I really like cake decorating. Do you have like a beginners class videos I can watch? I would like to learn things from home and practice from home. Thank you, Telma

Sweet Wise Response - We have lots of beginner videos. Take a look at the Cake Basics video section.
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/10/2013
Do you have any recommendations on how to prevent the fading of Satin Ice I colored my self? I covered a cake in purple (americolor) and drove 15 min for delivery and it faded to blue!

Sweet Wise Response - This is a common problem. Pre-colored purple by Satin Ice or Fondx Elite is the easiest way to get a longer lasting purple. The purples by Crystal Color on this page are really great for coloring and maintaining color.
Review by Guest
Posted on 3/7/2013
I am having trouble viewing the videos. All I get is a black screen. Is anyone else having this problem?

Sweet Wise Response - You just need to update your flash player. Just google "flash player" and you'll find the download link from Adobe.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/18/2012
Hola, no entendi muy bien para que sirve la lecitina y que es el polvo que luego agregaste, soy de Peru y no entiendo bien eingles. l Muchas gracias

Sweet Wise Response - The Lecethin works as a emulsifier which helps to intensify the added color.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/18/2012
How do you get more vibrant or deep colors for your buttercream frosting.

Sweet Wise Response
Try using Crystal Colors. Very easy to get a nice black or primary red.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/17/2012
Love sweetwise products =)
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/17/2012
Love sweetwise products =)