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How to Detail in Chocolate Molds

Kathy shows you how to use chocolate molds.

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Review by Guest
Posted on 3/3/2015
How do you keep the candy from hardening while trying to the detail the molds with the toothpicks? Thank you

Sweet Wise Response: You can add a little cocoa butter or Paramount Crystals to the chocolate first- that should extend your working time. You shouldn't need tons of time for the little details though- it's a small area in general.
Review by Guest
Posted on 9/10/2014
I bought the two sided boot mold, how do you put the two sides together once they are set?

Sweet Wise Response - A little melted chocolate works great.
Review by Guest
Posted on 1/16/2014
wish you had store's in England as I just love every thing you do keep uu the good work as I have picked up so many ,handy Tips A very big Thank you .
Review by Guest
Posted on 7/22/2013
Is it possible to use royal icing in the candy molds and get the same results or something very close?

Sweet Wise Response - We have not found much success using royal icing in chocolate molds.
Review by Guest
Posted on 1/22/2013
I watched your chocolate video which was great. My question is about how to keep the chocolate melted in the pour bottle? I have heard to use a water bath but I am afraid it might overheatb the chocolate. Any suggestionsw?

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, keeping the bottles immersed in warm water works great. Any water tempreture that doesn't burn your hand should be fine : )
Review by Guest
Posted on 12/13/2012
can you let me know about postage to australia and costs involved please..thankyou Paula

Sweet Wise Response - this is a question better directed to customer service at [email protected] You can get an instant shipping quote at the beginning of the check out process.