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Care and Cleaning of THE MAT

How to use and care for THE MAT

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Review by Guest
Posted on 10/7/13
I just bought THE PRO MAT do I still need to condition it with the Crisco?

Sweet Wise Response - No THE Pro MAT does not need to be conditioned w/ Crisco. For first time use, you just need to clean it. Disinfecting wipes are the easiest way to clean it.
Review by Guest
Posted on 6/8/13
After you roll it up, where/how do you store it so that it doesn't get dirty?

Sweet Wise Response - THE MAT should be rolled up and stored in its original tube. At first, it is useful to save one of the paper sheets that come w/ a new MAT and roll that between the two sheets. This is only to prevent buckling and not necessary after a couple uses. Also, THE MAT stores best when you place matte finish to matte finish and then roll up. THE MAT has two sides, one side has double polish and the other side has a matte finish.