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Cake Structure Basics

How to stack a cake using pillars and dowel rods.

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Wooden Dowels, 12ct
Angled Blade Spatula 13
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Review by Guest
Posted on 8/15/2013
Hi, I was just wondering if you need to put dowel rods into every tier of cake and also, how does that hold the cake together? The dowel rods don't touch each other on each tier so I am very confused. Sorry if this question is silly- I'm new to this whole cake decorating world.


Sweet Wise Response - The dowel rods are to support the layers on top. If you put two layers on top of a bottom layer, the weight of the two top layers would crush the bottom layer. Dowels in the bottom layer support the weight of the uppers layers. Yep you need dowels in every layer except the top layer.

With a three tier cake you need dowels in the bottom two layers. With a 5 tier cake, you''ll need dowel support in the bottom 4 layers. Hope that helps. :)
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/31/2013
how do you cut the cake?

Sweet Wise Response - not sure of your question? Are you talking leveling? See our "How to Level, Torte and Fill a Cake Video"