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Sweet Wise Premium Flavor Line

This video is about Sweet Wise Premium Flavor Line

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Review by Guest
Posted on 4/9/2014
Do you have Mango in your premium flavor line?

Sweet Wise Response - sorry, not yet. We do intend to add that flavor at some point.
Review by Guest
Posted on 2/13/2014
I love the flavors SO MUCH!
I own a small bakery east of Nashville. These flavors have won me "Best Cake" time after time. They are my secret weapon!
Review by Guest
Posted on 7/31/2013
What is the difference between Icing Fruits and Sweet Wise Premium Flavor? Which would be better to use for a filling flavor? Also what would you suggest to use for a filling in a red velvet cake? Thanks so much for any in put.

Sweet Wise Response - Icing fruits are a pureed sweetened berry or fruit compote. Our Flavor line is liquid form of flavor that can be added to most any medium to give it the suggested flavor. Icing fruits are most appropriate for giving a real fruit flavor and texture to icing. Icing fruits would not be appropriate for flavoring cake batter or chocolate or candy but our flavors would work great in any of the above.

Red Velvet is a chocolate based cake so anything that pairs well with chocolate (like Raspberry) would compliment Red Velvet nicely.
Review by Guest
Posted on 6/25/2013
can you use the flavours in fondant?

Sweet Wise Response - Yes, you can flavor fondant but if you're working w/ a professional quality fondant you should have to. If you want to achieve a certain flavor profile, it is much more efficient to flavor the buttercream or cake/cake batter.
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/7/2013
I made the Swiss meringue butter cream and it came out wonderful, thank you Kathy for your tutorial! This is my new fav frosting!! My parents loved it too!!
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/4/2013

Sweet Wise Response - You are correct, oils and Royal icing should not be mixed. Except for the flavors labeled as oil (Peppermint, Almond, Lemon, Cinnamon), all the other flavors should be fine.
Review by Guest
Posted on 5/3/2013
Can these be used to flavor candy melts?

Sweet Wise Response - Yes. All the oils (Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon) work great in candy melts/confectionery coating/chocolate right out of the bottle. For the other flavors, mix first w/ Lecithin 5 parts Lecithin to 1 part flavor and then add to your candy melt/confectionery coating
Review by Guest
Posted on 4/30/2013
Do you have any recipes using the new flavors from your flavor line?

Sweet Wise Response - Coming Soon! Check the Recipes page.
Review by Guest
Posted on 4/30/2013
Wow,I Will buys these,just wish there was a group package or a group rate.
I really like all of the sweet wise products,.

Sweet Wise Response - Thanks for the suggestion, we will look into setting that up.