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Modeling Chocolate

How to make modeling chocolate

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Review by Guest
Posted on 12/8/2014
I tired to make modelling chocolate and there ended up being a lot of liquid in the bottom of the double boiler and my modelling chocolate looks like curtled milk or cottage cheese. What am I doing wrong?

Sweet Wise Response: FIrst guess is OVER MIXING. Melt your chocolate JUST until its smooth- you don't need it to be super hot, just melted. Also make sure you don't have steam sneaking in to the chocolate (I use the microwave instead of the double boiler for that purpose). When you stir in the corn syrup, use as FEW strokes as possible. Deep, wide strokes with your spatula. Another tip is make sure the chocolate doesn't sneak up the handle of the spatula- it makes for over mixing as well.
Review by Guest
Posted on 8/3/2013
Can modeling chocolate be used as chocolate fondant?

Sweet Wise Response
Modeling chocolate is a quite a bit more difficult to work with than fondant when trying to cover a cake but it can be done with practice. Also, you'll have to do some testing but it might not pair well as it is such a dense medium.
Review by Guest
Posted on 8/3/2013
can you roll the moldering chocolate in the sweet wise mat

Sweet Wise Response
It is really difficult to roll modeling chocolate in THE MAT. You have to have just the right temperature and conditions or the modeling chocolate will stick to THE MAT.