Kathy likes to fill her cake pans approximately 2/3 full, so the cake will rise nice and high and you can level them off to be the exact same height. Excess cake can be used in trifles or cake pops. Kathy suggests to put this much batter for the corresponding pan, and all her cake recipes are listed in cup volume as opposed to what size cakes they make. That way, you can calculate how much batter you need to make, and how many ingredients you need to buy when preparing for baking.

2" Round Pan: .33 cup
3" Round Pan: .66 cup
4" Round Pan: .75 cup
5" Round Pan: 1.5 cup
6" Round Pan: 2 cups
7" Round Pan: 2.75 cups
8" Round Pan: 3.5 cups
9" Round Pan: 4.75 cups
10" Round Pan: 5.5 cups
12" Round Pan: 7 cups
14" Round Pan: 10 cups

4.5" Square Pan: 1.5 cups
6" Square Pan: 2.75 cups
8" Square Pan: 5 cups
10" Square Pan: 8 cups
12" Square Pan: 9.5 cups
14" Square Pan: 12 cups