Whole Milk Ricotta

1 Gallon Whole Cow Milk or Goat Milk
1/2 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1 teaspoon powdered Citric Acid (from Sweet Wise)**
2 teaspoons Kosher Salt

2 Gallon Pot
Rubber Spatula
Candy Thermometer
Flour Sack
Large Bowl

Sanitize 2 gallon pot and all tools before beginning with boiling water.

Combine milk, cream, Citric Acid, and 1 tsp of the salt in pot and whisk to combine.

Over medium to medium high heat, heat milk to 185 degrees- force this to take at least 20 minutes so that the lactic acid can properly spilt. Occasionally scrape sides and bottom of pot with rubber spatula to keep from scorching. Never use vigorous action such as stirring or whisking after the initial whisk- let the curd form itself.

Once the milk mixture reaches 185 degrees (you will see a definite separation of curds and whey), remove from heat, cover, and allow to stand untouched for 15-20 minutes.

Into colander or bowl lined with flour sack (you can get this at Sweet Wise), pour mixture and hang to remove whey and capture the curds.Hang for 20 minutes to an hour or more depending on desired texture. If the curds are too tight (cheese is too thick) for your preference, you can add a tablespoon or more of heavy cream to adjust the consistency. Stir in remaining salt. Makes approximately 2 1/2 cups Ricotta.

Serve warm with garlic and herbs on pita chips, or chill and use for Kathy’s Ultimate Cheesecake.

**If using Goat’s Milk, begin with 2 tsp Citric Acid instead of one.