16 oz Bag Dry Fondant (Item 1915)
2 Tbsp Milk or Whipping Cream
6 Tbsp Butter or Margarine
4 oz Desiccated Coconut (Item 5249)
1 tsp Coconut Flavor (Item 1376), optional for coconut lovers!
1 pound Milk or Dark Chocolate Merckens Wafers

Warm milk or cream and butter or margarine on stove or in the microwave, just short of boiling. Remove from heat, if you would like to enhance the coconut flavor (adding too much coconut will make the dough dry and tough, so you should instead use the flavor here), now is the time to add 1 tsp coconut flavor. Stir in dry fondant, pour out onto parchment paper. Once cool enough (just a minute or two), knead the dough until smooth. Add in desiccated coconut and knead in until fully incorporated. Roll into 1 inch balls, place onto parchment covered cookie sheet, and chill slightly. Melt chocolate just until smooth, dip centers, place back onto parchment. Let chocolate sit for 30 seconds and then sprinkle with little more desiccated coconut for garnish, if desired.

Tip: If your centers are too cold, the chocolate will crack as it cools off. Have the centers slightly chilled, but not cold.

Once the chocolate is fully set, you can place the coconut truffle inside a treat box resting in a nest of tissue paper for nice appearance, or place each truffle into a colored candy cup for alternative service style.

Makes approximate 3 dozen truffles