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Beaded Pearl & Pearl Mold

Best was to do the perfect cake border, using beaded and pearl molds

Products in this video

Perfect Pearls 10,8 & 6 mm
Perfect Pearls 14 & 12
Gum Paste 2 Lb. , Satin Ice
Fondant Knife Orange
CMC Powder

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Review by Guest
Posted on 5/19/2014
Do you ever need to dust or lightly "grease" the silicone bead mold?

Sweet Wise Response - You shouldn't need to. Silicone is a very non-stick material. If I do need to dust or use oil, I prefer to spritz or powder my gumpaste rather than the mold as shown in the video for the Old English Letter Cutter Set.
Review by Guest
Posted on 10/24/2012
why would you want to use gum paste pearls instead of fondant pearls when you want it to be edible?

Sweet Wise Response - The gumpaste will hold the nice round pearl shape so much easier. Of course feel free to use any medium you choose. Modeling chocolate also works great!
Review by Guest
Posted on 10/24/2012
can you eat gum paste

Sweet Wise Response - Sure you can but it can be a little hard.