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Back To School Cupcakes

Some Cute Idea for your Back to School Cupcakes

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Americolor Bright White
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Gourmet Writer Black Food Pens

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Review by Guest
Posted on 10/27/2014
I called today to place an order and was told you don't take orders over the phone ,how come? do you only take on line orders. Karin

Sweet Wise Response: We only take online orders, it's true. The reason is 100% for security. Our website payment method has a third party encryption so NO ONE has access to your card number at any time. Whenever you give your card number over the phone, you risk not only employee theft (not from OUR employees, of course, because they are awesome, just a general rule of thumb so we are certain of it), and also anyone hacking in to an unsecured line. It's just a good security measure never to give a credit card number over the phone. Would paying by Pal Pal make it easier for you?