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About Us

Our Commitment........

Sweet Wise™ is committed to providing a great shopping experience whether you shop online or in one of our retail stores. We work hard to make sure your projects are fun, rewarding and stress free.

At Sweet Wise™, we are continually searching for and adding new products. We are committed to providing cutting edge quality tools and supplies at great prices.

Sweet Wise™ employees are happy to share their knowledge and answer ALL your questions. We are committed to providing unparalleled quality classroom instruction, following Sweet Wise™ custom designed courses not available anywhere else. We also offer FREE tips and how to videos via our Sweet Wise™ Studios which has become a world-wide resource for cake decorators everywhere.

How Sweet Wise™ began........

Kathy Powers is the founder of Sweet Wise™. Kathy started in the kitchen early on, making her first cake at age six. Her mother was a Wilton instructor, and Kathy followed along and quickly got her hand into the cake batter herself. She continued to make cakes for fun as she grew up, and sold her first cake to a neighbor when she was 16.

After graduating from high school, Kathy went to Danville, KY to study Economics at Centre College. No matter where she was, Kathy always found a place to bake so she could relieve herself from the stress of late night studying.

After graduating from Centre, Kathy couldn’t let go of the kitchen. She enrolled in the Opryland Culinary Institute, which helped her to plant her roots in Nashville. After graduating from culinary school, she “cheffed” around in catering businesses, hotels, and restaurants, and always made time for making cakes.

In 2001, Sweet Wise™ was born. It was intended to be simply a wedding cake bakery, but in 2004, after Kathy had finished hundreds of wedding cakes, the opportunity came for Kathy to expand into providing education and supplies for other bakers. After 34 years of making cakes, Kathy found the perfect forum in which to combine the worlds of baking, teaching, and supplying fun.

Your cake journey with Sweet Wise™........

Anyone who has fallen in love with making cakes is on a journey...a cake journey that starts with learning basic skills and then developing as you find your way towards making beautifully detailed cakes. Wherever you are in your cake journey, wherever you are in the world, Sweet Wise™ will be right there with you.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, you will find tools, supplies and training at Sweet Wise™ that are not available anywhere else. As you shop our online store, it's almost like you can pick up an item and be right there with one of our knowledgeable staff who will show you how to use it. Wherever you see a Videos icon, click on it, and you can enjoy a short, sweet video on how to use that item.

You will come to know us as your own secret friend when you have cake questions. As we continue to add more instructional videos and you come to trust our easy going, user-friendly way of teaching, we hope you will find your way to joining us in a virtual classroom. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to participate in in a class that is designed according to what students want.

We invite you to use Sweet Wise™ as your guide on your cake journey. You choose the path, you set the pace. Sweet Wise™ is here to help you find your way.