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THE Original MAT, (No Artwork)
What our customers have to say...I have had the Mat for 9 months and wouldnt use anything else..I recommend it all the time. I am back today to pre-order the new pro. If you are not using this you are wasting your time and time is money. If you are hesitating to order-Don't. It will be one of your most favorite tools in decorating. ...
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Review by Patricia
Posted on 5/16/14
My mat has been creased
Hi, could you please tell me what to do. My daughter folded my mat in half and now it's creased. I'm devastated and don't know if I can still use it. Is there any way to get these creases out?

Sweet Wise Response - If the crease is very sharp, it is generally not possible to remove the crease. If the crease is not too deep, warming the material to about 110 degrees will cause it to relax back to its original shape.
Review by Denise
Posted on 4/24/14
Clean up...
How do you go about cleaning the Mat? I have the original one and haven't used it in a while... not a professional... just grandkids cakes... It feels sticky and wondered how to clean it. Thanks...

Sweet Wise Response: You can wash it in warm soapy water. Rinse well, lay it flat and wipe dry with lint free paper towels. Leave it flat to air dry a little further- make SURE it is 100% dry before placing fondant on it. You won't need to re-season it, but some people like to give it a very light spray of vegetable oil before using it the first time after washing it. I like to use Dawn dish soap- to me it breaks down grease best, but that's just me. :)
Review by Julie
Posted on 10/30/13
Great product
I bought this mat to make my first Fondant covered wedding cake. The bottom layer was 16". It worked fantastic!! I was able to roll it out to the correct size and put it on the cake with no problem at all.
So glad I found this!!!
Review by Cakey Cakerton
Posted on 7/28/13
Just Awesome
I love this product! I purchased this mat from New Zealand, and even with shipping it was cheaper than I could buy it locally - and it is AWESOME, makes covering a cake so much easier! If you haven't got one, you should get one - you won't regret it!
Review by Tanya
Posted on 7/20/13
The pro Mat
OMG I am very new to cake decorating and I am self taught by videos or posts or whatever I can find and I love it! I visited the Nashville store not to long ago and purchased the mat after seeing it online. I spend hours sometimes covering my cakes in fondant. My fondant would dry out, tear all kinds of fun stuff. Plus you have that fun mess of powered sugar or corn starch all over your work area and everywhere else lol. So I had 6 cakes that was going to need to be covered that day after I got home. I had a two hour drive back home. Well lets say I had 6 cakes covered in the amount of time it would have taken me to do two and I am not joking at all!! I love, love this mat! Its the best thing ever!!!! No mess, less time, fondant does not dry or tear!! I want the smaller one too I think just for smaller jobs. I half to say out of all the things I have bought this is the best thing ever! Loved your store and all the products you carry, I will be back! Also why I was there I normally make my own MMF but decided to try one of the brands they carry. Loved it and will deff use it for quick jobs one 10lb container covered 7 cakes!! Thanks Sweet Wise you all are amazing can't wait to attend one of your classes soon!!
Review by Ireland 246
Posted on 6/25/13
I saw the YouTube view and decided to buy the home mat. I am a beginner and I have to say it was brilliant. However it was not until after I had iced my cake I realised that I had used the shiny side as opposed to the matt side, so I need to check that with my next cake. The only problem I then had was when I tried to use my smoother it stuck, so in the end I used my hand to smooth it. Apart from that I am really pleased with.

Review by kevan
Posted on 6/13/13
Cannot wait to use it
I have a question. I took it out of the tube. I am having problems telling the matte side from the polished side. How was it packed in the tube?

Sweet Wise Response - If you reflect light off of the surface, you'll see one side is very glossy looking and the other is flat with a matte finish. Just peel back one corner and move it around a little under a light and compare it to the other side doing the same thing. You should be able to easily see the difference.
Review by Kaykay
Posted on 6/12/13
Pock marks
Love the mat no more elephant skin or tears, the only thing now is little pock marks why am I getting these and how can I stop them, this is really driving me nuts and putting me off using my mat

Sweet Wise Response
This is from trapped air under THE MAT and it is easily solved. In the new video showing THE Pro MAT and Home MAT at the 5 minute 58 second mark, Kathy shows how to avoid trapped air. If you do end up trapping air and creating pock marks, it is easy to fix. At the 8 minute 53 second mark in the video, Kathy shows you how to fix this.
Review by Mummybear Cakes
Posted on 5/29/13
My husband purchased the mat in Australia for me for my birthday. I have used it a couple of times and my fondant never comes out smooth. My mat also has no markings on it it is just plain see thought plastic. Not sure where he got it from but have I been ripped off?

Sweet Wise Response - THE Original MAT does not have markings. Only THE Pro MAT and THE Home MAT have artwork on the material. Hard to comment on why your fondant doesn't come out smooth. If you contact customer service, we'll be happy to help you trouble shoot. I'm sure with a little correction to your technique you'll love THE MAT like everyone else.
Review by Cait
Posted on 5/5/13
Just plain awesome
I have owned the original Mat for awhile, but don't make fondant cakes very often..they scare me! I had (what felt like a huge) 12x12 cake due this past weekend, so I pulled out the Mat to cover it. Seriously, I have made some awesome purchases in my lifetime, and this ranks up there in the top 10, easily! I wish I had the new home Mat because it's a bit smaller and has the markings, but the Original Mat served my purposes better than I could have hoped. It was so smooth and professional looking without a hint of elephant skin or tearing (which has happened in the past). This is only the third time I have ever used fondant, and the first time with the Mat...I will never go without it again. Thank you SweetWise for this simple, yet brilliant creation!!
Review by Sugarcook
Posted on 4/22/13
Almond paste question
I bought THE MAT through your UK supplier and can't wait to use it on the 3 tier wedding cake I am making. However, I do have one question, as you no doubt know over here our wedding cakes are traditionally fruit cakes which are first covered in almond paste before applying fondant, so is it OK to use THE MAT to rollout almond paste or is it just for fondant?

Sweet Wise Response - Many doughs can be rolled out on THE MAT and you can roll out Marzipan or Almond Paste too. For the particular paste you're using roll out a test piece the size of your hand to make sure it releases properly.
Review by Steph
Posted on 4/6/13
Love at first use!
I love my Mat. It makes the job so much easier. For easter I wanted to make a cherry pie. Now, I always make my own pie crust from scratch. My dough was giving me a hard time to roll out then, I remembered my Mat! The Mat worked wonders and I had the perfect crust.
Review by ezbaker
Posted on 3/16/13
For those people who think this is expensive don't know what they are talking about
Today March 16th 2013 was the first time I used my mat after having it still in the box after about two months of ordering it. This product is the best tool I ever brought for my part time business. Words can't even explain that THE MAT saved me time and fondant and stress. The first time I used it my fondant cake came out perfect. Oh my GOD! it was beautiful! I have been decorating cakes since 1979 and I have just started to use fondant in the recent year and before I used The Mat I dreaded customers that wanted fondant. The only thing that kept those cakes looking beautiful and flawless was that I knew how to decorate to hide the elephant skin or rips. What! after using this today I can't imagine not using this for every single fondant cake from today on. As a matter of fact I am going to order two more the small and larger one. I just don't want anything to happen to them. Oh my GOD THE Mat is unbelievable and the best investment anybody can make. The size guide on THE Mat makes rolling fondant a breeze it was a one time roll and application after viewing the video. I had the video going while I was doing my cake as if the instructor was there with me. Who needs to go to culinary school when you can learn like this. The video made it easy and fun, again don't try buying some kind of plastic on a fabric store when this product does the job, don't be cheap and try it love it use it save with it make money with it, like I said words can't express this amazing product! THE MAT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review by Sarah
Posted on 3/8/13
I love it!
I have just used my mat for the first time and I love it. Not only did I cover 2 cakes and my board with ease but I used much less fondant and far less mess to tidy up. It was so easy to use and no stress or panic over tearing fondant. No drying out and cracked finish.
I couldn't be happier with this.
Review by Mel
Posted on 3/5/13
Excellent Tool but I have one question
I got this mat as I have so many issues with fondant. I always get elephant skin and tears. I had a bit of a play with it today as I have a wedding cake to do this weekend. This mat is awesome, rolling it out is so easy. I practiced releasing the fondant and letting it come off the mat, it is super easy. Not sure what im doing with the rolling out but I am getting a very thin middle and thicker ends. Im rolling from the centre out. Could you please tell me if im rolling too hard or what im doing wrong. Thank you. Apart from that I cant wait to make many cakes with the mat.

Sweet Wise Response - Kathy shows in the video that you can hold your rolled fondant still between the two sheets of THE MAT up to a light and see if you have any thin spots. If you do, just roll/push the fondant toward the thin spots or knead and add a little extra fondant to any thin spots.
Review by julia krolski
Posted on 2/2/13
very good
i love it i live in england then I told my friends about it
Review by Suanne
Posted on 1/21/13
Best product EVER for cake designers!
I can't say enough about how happy I have been with The Mat! I have been using the original Mat for 2 1/2 years and just can't imagine ever going back to the powdered sugar and rolling pin method.
Review by Sharron W
Posted on 12/13/12
The Pro mat was bought for me as a present, it is amazing! Really really good thick plastic, it is amazingly easy to use and gives fantastic results! Brilliant idea, every cake decorator needs one of these! Simply genious!
Review by Annabella
Posted on 12/8/12
Brilliant product
I bought The Mat (original without the markings) last year (2011) to help me to complete my son's 3-tier wedding cake - 1x8ins, 1x10ins and 1x12ins. I can honestly say that without the mat I would not have had the successful result that I did have. Brilliant product. Thank you to the 'brains' who thought of it.
The new one looks very good with lots of help printed on it. Might have to buy that one next. Do you deliver to France?

Sweet Wise Response - We ship worldwide on a daily basis. You can get an instant shipping quote at checkout.