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Mini Loaf Pans, Pack of 12

Mini Loaf Pans, Pack of 12



Great for all quick breads (Zucchini, Banana, etc.). This beautiful container serves as both baking vessel and gift container. Depth= 2" Base = L-3.75" W- 2" Top = L-5.5" W- 3" MOULDS WITH MICROWAVE PAPER BAND AND BOTTOM: BAND - high density pure cellulose calendered paper, micro-flute corrugated. Substance 125/145 gsm. Rotogravure printing, alcohol and heat-resistant inks. BOTTOM - pure cellulose calendered, micro-flute corrugated paper. Substance 125/145 gsm. Traspiration prerogative thanks to a micro perforation.

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Review by goldiekratz437
Posted on 11/4/2013
These are OK.
Be prepared for leaking from these disposable loaf pans. The batter may leak from the corners of the pans so you need to put them on a cookie sheet so you don't get drips in your oven.

The resulting, baked product is not that attractive from the oil staining of the paper pan.

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