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I would really like to thank you, John (and members of your staff whom I have not yet learned the names of) for all you did in helping us make this cake for our friend's wedding.  They raved about it and even we were impressed as to how it turned out.  We were confident in our ability to make a delicious cake but we had no idea how to make it look pretty.  We owe a great deal of that success to all of you!

Let me tell you some of the highlights of our experience with you.  From our first visit to your store when John went far out of his way, minutes before close, to help give us confidence we could make our own roses.  Even going so far as to open up product and demonstrate what could be done.  We were impressed by the extremely helpful YouTube videos, the email advice you gave and even the kind encouragement of your staff during our multiple visits and multiple phone calls!  How helpful it was when we built our vision out of dummy cakes in the back of your store to see if we even had a good idea.  All of it helped us put out something we were so proud of.  We could NOT have done it without your help.  It truly was the epitome of customer service.  

In my day job I consult with car dealerships on how to be better at doing what you all excelled at and you can bet my experience with your business will come up over and over in my conversations.

In my gratitude I will not only be as frequent a customer as I can but would truly enjoy telling the story to all those who will listen.  You've proven to me what kind of people you are and what kind of business you're running.  What impresses me the most is you could have taken the approach of up selling your classes and not give me any help outside of them.  A business in a similar situation would have taken that approach.  However, you have shown you truly value a customer and you have earned my loyalty.  I feel incredible value from every dollar I spend at your store.

We wish you much success and thank you for taking care of us so well!

B.J. & Tonya, Russellville, KY

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  • 2 Cavity Cupcake/Muffin Clear Container, case of 250

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  • Mexican & Flower Foam Pad Set 2

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  • JEM Roller Pad


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  • Airbrush System, 1/8 HP

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  • Double Sided Leaf Mold


27 Item(s)

9 15 30 per page
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