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Zebra Chocolate/White Baking Cup / Cupcake Liner / Paper

Zebra Chocolate/White Baking Cup / Cupcake Liner / Paper


Never again see your cupcake paper design disappear when your cupcake comes out of the oven! From the Sutton Gourmet line of baking cups, you will see the difference in these liners. These sophisticated baking cups maintain their color and design clarity during baking. Our whites stay white — even with chocolate baked goods — and our designs are just as beautiful after baking as they were on the shelf! All baking papers are printed with soy-based ink. Taking the kids to the zoo for a birthday? Don't forget the Zebra cupcakes! These funky liners will put a smile on their soon to be covered in icing faces!

Pack of 50 Standard Sized Baking Cups

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