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Fondant Boot Camp




Love it? Hate it? Ignoring the lumpiness and trying to pretend it doesn’t exist? Don’t worry; we won’t be doing any Mountain Climbers, Suicide Runs or Wind Sprints in this class. We’re here to tackle a bigger demon and make it your friend: FONDANT. Take this opportunity to get one on one with Kathy and pick her brain about fondant while we work through our fondant projects.




*If you like using fondant, but are struggling with a few parts (pleats, puckers, elephant skin, etc.) that keep you from making it perfect, we’ll help you fix it.


*If you tell your clients that “No one likes fondant” and forego the extra money in your paycheck because secretly you are afraid of it, we can change that.


*If you can cover the average sized round cake with ease, but get tripped up on larger or odd shaped cakes, we can show you how.


*If you are signing up for the Jay Qualls Royal Wedding Cakes Class (March 10), this is a perfect time frame to cover your cakes (required for class) and leave them prepared for class the next day (plus you get 50% off the class for being a student of Jay’s!).




Materials for Fondant Boot Camp:


If you are in Jay’s class on the 10th, bring the sizes of dummies he has on his materials list, plus the 10# of Fondant he has on the list, and about 1/4 cup of shortening.


If you are NOT in Jay’s class and just want the Fondant Boot Camp treatment, bring whatever ails you: if there is a specific shape or size you want to practice on, bring that in either real cake or dummy form (you can purchase in the store first if you like). If you’re just not sure and just want basic help, feel free to bring a couple of sizes (either real cake or dummies, your choice): maybe a round 5”, square 8”, 12” round. We also have some other shapes in the Sweet Wise retail shop, right next to the classroom: petal shapes, hexagons, pillows, “waisted”, etc. You will also need fondant for the size of cake you are covering, and about 1/4 cup of shortening.


INSTRUCTOR: Kathy Gentry


Class duration: 2 hours

Class Price: $20

There aren't any classes currently scheduled for Fondant Boot Camp, but check back soon.