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Buttercream 4 KIDS - Memphis

Buttercream 1

The kids are RIGHT; everyone wants to eat the icing rose. This creamy, sweet, delectable icing is secretly everyone's favorite part of the cake. Come spend some quality time with your child while both of you learn to how to put layers of cake together in a gorgeous, whimsical design that will put a sparkle in your child's eye and delight the rest of the family. There is no feeling in the world like creating something together with your child, except, perhaps, eating the results! The techniques we show you are so user-friendly, even the little ones can create a professional looking masterpiece! The Buttercream 1 design has been spruced up to make it a more fun, approachable course with friendly critters playing atop your sweet cake.

Just for clarification, the cost of this class covers 1 adult AND 1 child. If you desire to bring additional children, a second purchase must be made (and of course, another adult or child is welcome to come with that purchase; as long as there is at least one adult per two stations).

In addition to leaving with your awesome finished cake, you will also leave with a gift of a starter set of tools, including a texture comb, piping bags, couplers, and some of our favorite icing tubes!


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Duration: 2 hours
Price: $85

No materials required


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