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Glycerin 4 oz. by Sweet Wise

Glycerin 4 oz. by Sweet Wise

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For baking: Dry ingredients like flour are best measured by weight rather than volume. For every 500 grams, or roughly 1.1 pounds of flour or other dry ingredients, use 1 tsp glycerin. For Fondant: Add 2-3tsp of Glycerin to 2 pounds of rolled fondant to help keep it smooth and avoid cracking. For keeping candy soft: Add 2 tsp Glycerin to every pound of candy (like caramel, taffy, candy centers, etc.). For Royal Icing: Add 6 drops of Glycerin to every Royal Icing recipe that starts with 2 pounds of Powdered sugar to keep from hardening. In American Style Buttercream: To help creaminess and to help avoid cracks, add 2 tsp Glycerin to every 4 cups of icing. To Moisten Dried out Food Coloring: Add an equal amount of glycerin to completely dried food coloring to rehydrate. If color is thick but not solid, add a few drops at a time and mix until desired consistency is achieved. To Clean Art Brushes: Rub a few drops of Glycerin into the bristles of an art brush to remove excess color and rinse clean. Just for Fun Homemade Bubble Solution: Mix 1/2 cup Liquid Dish detergent (like Dawn), 4.5 cups water, and 4 Tbsp Glycerin. The longer the solution sits, the bigger the bubbles will get before popping.

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